You are unique, just like everybody else

I love storytelling podcasts. Normal people telling stories from their lives that are often completely different than my own life. The Moth and StoryCorps are examples of longer standing storytelling podcasts that have allowed people to tell stories for years. StoryCorps is an interview format, often between family members or close friend. The Moth is true stories told live in front of an audience.

There is one storytelling podcast that stands uniquely apart from the others though. It’s a relatively new one, just over a year old now, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, hosted by Chris Gethard. Chris and an anonymous caller speak for an hour about life and love and stories and whatever the fuck else they want to talk about (Sorry Sally). Although the calls often progress organically from topic to topic, a lot of people call with a specific topic in mind; everything from talking about the power grid as a metaphor for love and breakups; to an inappropriate relationship with a teacher; to what not to ask a trans person.

These three episodes are some of my most recent favorites from Beautiful Anonymous, but there are so many great episodes. It soothes me to hear that other people have complete complex lives, filled with incredible joy, seemingly insurmountable sorrow, and fruitful relationships. Even though I might feel alone a lot of the time, it is helpful to hear unscripted stories from real people that show how damn resilient humans can be.

So thank you Chris. Thanks for bringing this podcast to life.

If you want to get lost in someone else’s life for an hour, check out Beautiful Anonymous.


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