Dear Tree…

Did you know that in Melbourne, Australia, you can email a tree? The city of Melbourne has cataloged its trees and has set up a map. It gives information about the type of tree, how old the tree is, and how healthy each tree is. Each and every citizen with access to the internet can look up information on the life span of each tree, the urban forest board’s tree planting schedule, and even become a citizen forester.

I personally love trees in cities. While some walk by with their heads down staring at a 5 inch phone screen, I am taken by how resilient those trees need to be to survive in a world that is constantly throwing countless pollutants on them. The fact that Melbourne has found a way to engage people with the trees that surround them is fascinating. You can teach children how to observe the living things around them by providing a way for them to contact their tree. Granted, it isn’t the actual tree that is responding, but a lovely group of volunteers that provide tree-facts and information while responding to emails. By providing an avenue for people to contact the urban forest team, citizens can report on unhealthy or dying trees.

This story delighted me and opened my eyes to a great way one of Australia’s cities is engaging its citizens. The episode is from the HumanNature podcast at Wyoming Public Media and you can listen to it here –


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